Strongs Number: H6965

Hebrew Word
Part of Speech
Strongs Definition

to rise (in various {applications} {literally} {figuratively} intensively and causatively)

BDB Definition

1. to rise, arise, stand, rise up, stand up

a. (Qal)

1. to arise

2. to arise (hostile sense)

3. to arise, become powerful

4. to arise, come on the scene

5. to stand 1a

b. to maintain oneself 1a

c. to be established, be confirmed 1a

d. to stand, endure 1a

e. to be fixed 1a

f. to be valid 1a

g. to be proven 1a

h. to be fulfilled 1a

i. to persist 1a

j. to be set, be fixed

k. (Piel)

1. to fulfil

2. to confirm, ratify, establish, impose

l. (Polel) to raise up

m. (Hithpael) to raise oneself, rise up

n. (Hiphil)

1. to cause to arise, raise

2. to raise, set up, erect, build

3. to raise up, bring on the scene

4. to raise up, rouse, stir up, investigate

5. to raise up, constitute

6. to cause to stand, set, station, establish

7. to make binding

8. to carry out, give effect to

o. (Hophal) to be raised up

A primitive root
Bible Usage
{abide} {accomplish} X-(idiom) be {clearer} {confirm} {continue} {decree} X-(idiom) be {dim} {endure} X-(idiom) {enemy} {enjoin} get {up} make {good} {help} {hold} (help to) lift up ({again}) {make} X-(idiom) but {newly} {ordain} {perform} {pitch} raise ({up}) rear ({up}) {remain} (a-) rise (up) ({again} {against}) rouse {up} set ({up}) (e-) {stablish} (make to) stand ({up}) stir {up} {strengthen} {succeed} ({as-} make) sure ({-ly}) (be) up ({-hold} -rising).