King James Bible

Frequently Asked Questions



How do I use the Bible Study Text?

Bible Text Navigation

  • Select a Bible book from the left column on a desktop or from the dropdown list in a smaller device. On a desktop PC, you can select either the Old or New Testament.
  • Use the left and right arrows at the top of the page to navigate to the next or previous chapter.
  • Click on a chapter number under the Bible reference at the top of the page to go directly to the new chapter.
  • Alternatively, you can click the home button to see the full list of Bible books.


The Kings Bible text is already highlighted:

  • The 7,300 margin note texts are highlighted in yellow.
  • The atlas entries are highlighted in aqua.
  • The italicized texts of the translators are highlighted in pink.
  • The highlighted text can be turned on/off with the control panel on the lower-left of the text.

Verse Study Support

There are three icons on the right-hand side of the text which are used to select support for studying each verse:

Margin Notes   Dictionary   Atlas

  • Click on the asterisk icon for any margin notes attached to the verse.
  • Click on the book icon for dictionary support. Once the dictionary opens, in a PC, click on the words in the left column to see the definition in the right column, or in smaller devices tap on each word and the definition will expand or retract.
  • Click on the globe icon for a popup atlas of places named in the verse.


How do I use the Bible Search?

Quick Search

Centered in the page header search bar is a small text input field which you can use to search for any of the following:

  • Search for any word or exact phrase in the Bible.
  • Search for a Bible reference such as Mat 2:12 or Rev 1:8
  • Search for a Strongs Concordance number such as G2424 or H3091

Advanced Search

The advanced search lets you refine your search with all the following features:

  • Search for an exact word or phrase.
  • Search on multiple words that must be included.
  • Search for word alternatives with one or more words (separated with a space).
  • Exclude unwanted words from your search.
  • Filter the search by Bible books (or Old or New Testaments).
  • Select whole or parts of words (turn off to find plurals).
  • You can combine as many features as you need.

The advanced search only gives you 100 verses per page. If there are more than 100 verses in the search a paging navigation block appears from which you can jump to any other page.


How do I use the Bible Dictionary?

The Bible dictionary has an auto-complete function that turns red if the letters typed so far do not match any of the words in the dictionary with the same starting letters. This is the quickest way to find a word.

If you are not sure how a word is spelled, the other option is to select from the letter blocks to browse all the words in the dictionary that start with that letter.


How do I use the Bible Concordance?

The concordance is an alphabetical index of all the words in the original language manuscripts from the Bible. In the concordance, each word from the King James Bible is displayed in the line of the verse in which it is contained. This will help you find and compare the words and phrases within any verse.

To get the verse list, you can select a starting letter and select from a word list or search for the word directly.

Once you see the list of verses appear:

  • Click on the verse reference to see the verse in the context of the Bible
  • Click on the Strongs Number to see the meaning of the word in the Greek English or Hebrew-English lexicons.
  • Click on the downward facing encircled arrow to expand the whole verse, and click again to retract the verse.

To learn more about Strongs Numbers there is an article in the Kings Bible Library.


How do I use the Bible Atlas?

There are three ways to search the atlas:

  • Search directly for any place in the Bible.
  • Select a Bible book and see all the places mentioned in the book.
  • Select a letter to see all the Bible places starting with that letter.


What is the Kings Bible Library?

The library contains Bible stories and topics and the history of the Bible and how it was created.

Bible Topics and Stories

There are hundreds of topics themes and stories in the Bible which make a good platform for effective Bible study. From the Library page can find all of these and more. The topics and stories are conveniently listed.

What are Strongs Numbers?

Strong’s Numbers are an index of every word in the original biblical manuscript texts. Each Strong's Number links the root meaning of the words of the Bible back to the original meanings in the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts from which they were translated.  Learn more...